Code inspection result: "Unresolved function or method module" for angular.module

When running code inspection on an AngularJS project, I get the inspection result "Unresolved function or method module" on lines where Angular modules are defined, i.e. ones starting off with "angular.module(...".

I already added AngularJS to the list of libraries under JavaScript->Libraries. What can I do to make the code inspection happy?

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adding angular.js to libraries should be enough - works fine for me. Please can you attach a sample project that shows up the issue? Please also check if invalidating caches (File/Invalidate caches) solves the problem

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Hello Elena,

thank you for asking. I cannot provide the real project, but I quickly hacked together a rather minimal project showing the same effect, maybe you could check if you get the same. (Invalidating the caches did not help.)

Thank you

Edit reason: Added information about deleting caches


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