JSP debugging problem with Idea 4 and Tomcat 5

Hi all,

I have some strange locking problem going on with the scratch dir. If I blow away my .IntelliJIdea\system\tomcat... directory and launch tomcat 5 in debug mode, everything is great. However, once I stop - it seems a process is holding on to those files. First I see this in the logs:

The scratchDir you specified: C:\.IntelliJIdea\system\tomcat\]]>scratchdir is unusable.

If I hit a page, I get a java.io.FileNotFoundException.

I've tried killing tomcat with shutdown.bat, closing the debuggers window, etc.. However, the files remain locked.

What am I doing wrong.. clearly there is a way to release these files and kill the debugger which is probably locking them, but... ?


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