Creating EJB modules automatically from ejb-jar.xmls- any thoughts?

There seems to be great use of this feature, which allows to create number of EJB modules from ejb-jar.xml files found inside the
Has anyone any thoughts how it is going to be implemented ?
Following issues have to be resolved there:
Each EJB module has module root, source root inside module, compiler output path and J2EE build directory/jar file path.
- how to discover module root from the ejb-jar.xml file location ? Suggestion: at start specify something like "My ejb-jar.xml files
located two levels deep the module root".
- how to specify compiler output and J2EE build output ? Suggestion: say something like "Put java classes in
$/myoutput/classes and build J2EE jar archive in $/bin/$.jar"

Please comment on these.
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For detecting sources, how about finding the name of a class mentioned in the descriptor, and seeing where that is in the project? Eg:
<ejb-class></ejb-class> would find, and suggest a source root 2 dirs up from that.

For output, maybe a similar approach? If not found, then just guess at it intelligently. Eg, a dir called classes if the src dir is called 'src', otherwise the same dir as the source dir.


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