How do I register PHPStorm in Windows?

Sorry, but this seems like a question I shouldn't have to ask! Every since upgrading from PStorm 5 (my very first installation), I have not been able to get subsequent updates and upgrades to register in Windows 7. When I try to manually register the program I receive an error message telling me it can't find file ..\jre\jre\,\register. So, I guess the question really is: "Is there a work-around for this issue or am I just plain out of luck?" With such a great IDE in PStorm, why is this even being discussed?????


Hi there,

What do you mean by "register in Windows 7" ?

Are you talking about inability of entering your license details (screen does not show up or whatever) ?


Hi Andriy,

Oooops, I'm sorry for not making that clear - no, not where to enter the program license, but how can I get PHPStorm to register in Windows to appear on the list of programs to associate file extensions. The association of file extensions in Windows allows file editing by double-clicking the file (in file manager), the associated program is then opend. I forget most developers don't have Windows experience. I'm now wondering why I appear to be the only one having this issue...thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this or suggest why I may be having this issue.


Well .. IF I understood you correctly, this functionality is not included in installer for a simple reason: it's not really made to work this way (although there is a ticket for adding such functionality into installer, I guess)

One of the ideas behind this IDE (and all other IDEs built on IDEA platform) is to work with projects and not with individual / "random" files, i.e. you launch IDE, create new/open existing project and work with all files from there (it has enough functionality to quickly navigate to required class or file or even symbol from anywhere in the project).

In any case:

  • AFAIK there is no official code/instruction about how to associate PhpStorm as editor by default (double click) for all *.php files in your Windows OS
  • but you can do it yourself (right click on such file; open with... and proceed from there -- make sure to tick PhpStorm as default app)

If the question is: I have done it already .. and it worked for me.. but now with new version it does not work anymore -- most likely it's because new version was installed in separate folder (e.g. "PhpStorm 5.0"  and now "PhpStorm 7.0") while "Open With.../Default app" is still pointing to the PhpStorm in old folder (which does not exist any more). You can use FileTypeMan program to alter/add such context menu entry manually -- (or maybe "Default Programs Editor" mentioned is related thread: )

I hope I got you right.


Thanks so much Andriy!

Yes, you understood correctly and the explanation why it's not included lets me know my system isn't going bonkers. I can deal with not having my desired functionality using a work around (open PS then drop a single file into it). It's not as efficient but certainly doeable!

You do mention right clicking to choose a default app. or accessing the default extension list to choose PS in your answer, if only I could - that's exactly this issue, PS cannot register and therefore be listed. Using the browse option, finding the EXE and attempting to add it fails as well - again, the app can't register itself.

The previous version program doesn't exist in the list either (it was removed when that app was removed to upgrade to a new version), so finding it and editing it's folder information in the Windows REG file cannot be accomplished - I prefer not editing that file manually to add default programs without a thorough knowledge of the app in question. Again, I forget most developers don't work in Windows and consider working within its methods a secondary consideration.

Thanks for helping me with this, I will live with the work around since I have to, I like PS too much to not use it!


So .. are you able to set PhpStorm as a default for *.php files or not (does not matter how you accomplising this task) ?

Using the browse option, finding the EXE and attempting to add it fails as well - again, the app can't register itself.

The aforementioned ticket as well as other mentioned programs allow you to fix it (manually .. or in semi-manual way) -- at very least they did the job for those other users when I was pointing them to the same links.


I initially didn't want to but eventually edited the Windows REG file value and found an entry available for association. I documented what I did as a comment to but qualified it by saying it may only be specific to my situation. I had no idea the original entry remained in the REG file though, so I was surprised when editing the folder value resulted in PS (listed as 'IntelliJ Platform Windows Launcher') appeared in default programs. I now have it associated with PHP files and it is working.

Sorry for not being clear. Keep smiling :) and thanks again for your attention to this and your hard work!


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