Does WebLogic support web-app 2.4???

Hi guys,

There's probably a straightforward answer to this question (and it's probably no...), but does weblogic actually support version 2.4 web-apps? There doesn't appear to be any obvious way to get it to accept a 2.4 web-app schema as it seems to still try to validate against a dtd.

I've looked at the BEA examples - none of which indicate 2.4 and there doesn't seem to be any indication on the BEA site either. I'm running 8.1 SP2, and if anyone could draw a lid over this for me It'd be most appreciated!

I thought it might be a good idea to ask here as Idea supports 2.4 and someone might have come across this already.

Thanks in advance guys - and apologies if I am being incredibly dense(!)


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