IDEA stealing window focus

Is there anyway to make IDEA 4.0 "play nicely" with the rest of Windows? I was able to use PowerToys to make Windows stop grabbing focus away from the window I'm currently working on, but IDEA (Java?) almost seems to go out of its way to steal the focus back to itself. For example, I'm writing an email and an IDEA build finishes in the background. IDEA pushes its way to the forefront with the build results and I find myself finishing the email in the editor ... :(

Feature or bug?


It's an acknowledged bug but they have said that it will not be addressed any time soon. There are a handful toFront() calls hidden in various parts of the JRE code, and IDEA has to be redisgned to some degree and use a slightly different interaction style to avoid triggering these built-in toFront() calls.

If you do a search you might find a quote I posted where it was said to be in the pipeline. I just cannot recall if it might be targeted for the 4.1 or later release.

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Lars Ugleberg


IIRC, they have promised to solve this annoying bug in IDEA 4.1.



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