Failed to create Composer project

Hi everyone.  I downloaded PhpStorm 6.0.3 Evaluator one week ago and have enjoyed success deploying projects to a virtualbox guest running ubuntu/apache2 from my Win7 host.  Today I was viewing the video tutorials about project creation using composer.  I followed the steps for creating a project for the Symfony framework.  I received this error message:

Failed to create Composer project: Failed to run 'create-project' command. Failed to create project from symfony/symfony, version <default>. The system cannot find the file specified.

I also tried the standard edition framework with the same unhappy results.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?  Thank you in advance.


Problem solved.  I had failed to install PHP5 on my Win7 host that is running PhpStorm.


How did you do that exactly? What was the previous situation? I am trying to find a solution to the fact that when I use composer in my windows Command Prompt to install symfony/framework-standard-edition it works fine but when I try to do it through creating a new composer project in Phpstorm it failes to create the project and stops cloning from git which leaves the framework incomplete. Perhaps yours was kind of the same problem or your problem has the same solution as mine.


Hi Allon, I hope I can help. That was nearly four years ago and my memory of the exact scenario is a bit fuzzy. If I remember correctly I was evaluating e-commerce solutions. I recall having an interest in nopCommerce and Magento. Also, I was a newbie at PhpStorm, so I was curious about different project types it offered, hence the reference in my post to Symfony. In order to successfully build the Symfony project I needed to install PHP5 on my Windows 7 host.  At the time I think I had PHP4, so I just needed to upgrade. I haven't done anything with it since then so I can't be of further help. Good luck!


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