AngularJS in WebStorm 7.0


Can anyone point me instruction what have to be done before AngularJS can be used in WebStorm 7.0?
I have tried many kind of things but haven't got it working.

So what are the phases when configurating AngularJS to work in WebStorm?
Has anyone any simple AngularJS projects that runs in WebStorm?

I bought WebStorm license to make easier to write AngularJS code without Eclipse but could'n find any articles how
to configure WebStore to create and handle Angular.

Thanks for all,



Michael, you don't need anything, webstorm is already capable of doing angular or any javascript editing without any prior setup.
Just create a new project and download angular to that folder.
if you are starting with angular, I recommend the following lessons: - start viewing the 1st lesson and you'll see how to setup your environment.


Okey, thanks I try to check it there.


I can also suggest installing AngularJS plugin - it will add some angular-spoecific live templates and other stuff. Just open Settings/Plugins, press Browse Repositories... button and type 'angular' in the search box to quickly locate the plugin in the repository


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