Refactor Move - search for text occurrences

Is there any way to do the above?

Refactor > Rename has this option which is great for updating route information held in strings.
So changing a class from BlogController to say NewsController will update any references held in strings or ini config files.

However if i want to move this file from \controllers folder to \controllers\news\ i do not get this 'search for text...' option so the string references do not get updated.

Is there any way to do this?


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Well i have just finished going through the process of moving a number of view templates into different folders, and the only way i could find to ensure references in strings where not missed was to move each one indivindually, then do a find in whole project on the filename.

Whilst this worked, it was extremely tedious, so i really hope there is an easier way.

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Steve, unfortunately there is no way now to search non-code usage during Move Refactoring of class. Please feel free to vote for: If you use Move Refactoring for file try to use option "Search for reference".


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