WebStorm Bootstrap Project - Newb question.

OK, with WebStorm 7 I create a new Bootstrap 3.0 project.  WebStorm creates the project and has all sorts of nice Html, CSS, and js files in various folders from Bootstrap just like it should.  Now I want to run it.  I want to see the default Bootstrap Index.html.  Yet when I Browse to it, or Debug Index.html the localhost web server is not processing the file and serving it properly - no css or js files are loaded.  I see the index file is dependent on layout.html but I don't recognize the server code language.

What do I need to configure/install to actually run the project?

Thank you,

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The stuff in the "dist" folder is all you really need to use bootstrap. The rest of those files are the raw source for the bootstrap project -- you use grunt.js to build them into what is in "dist".

Does anyone know why they download the project source instead of a dist tarball when a user creates a new project? --- It's confusing.

For the record if you want to build what they download you need node.js (http://nodejs.org/) and ruby (https://www.ruby-lang.org/en/) installed.

Then you install grunt:

> npm install -g grunt-cli

You will also need jekyll:

> gem install jekyll

Then you can build the project...

> cd (project-dir)
> grunt

Hope this helps..

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Very much so.  Thanks for the complete description.



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