Upgrading to 4.0 for Mac OSX -- anyone been successful?

I have attempted to install 4.0 on my Mac -- when I pointed to my 3.0.5 location to import stuff, it said it wasn't a valid location for 3.0.5 (??), and didn't import anything.

All I want are to move some too xml files from 3.0.5 config/tools directory to the new 4.0 location -- but no one seems to know where that is...

Has anyone figured this out? I'd greatly appreciate...


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I'm not successful yet in the sense I'm up and working, but did manage to get a code style and color scheme moved. By trial and error I discovered you have to:

1. Quit IDEA.
2. Move your xml files from your local directory .IntellijIdea directory into ~/Library/Preferences/IntelliJ IDEA
3. Restart IDEA and select the new schemes.

It took a couple of trials as IDEA 4.0 seemed to delete the new config files for some reason.

I moved


to ~/Library/Preferences/IntelliJ IDEA/codestyles/WPI.xml




~/Library/Preferences/IntelliJ IDEA/colors/old_school.xml

I'm still working on getting the VIM plugin working.


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How did you "install" it? For me, when I downloaded the file, it was expanded into a .dmg and then auto-mounted, and then I just dragged the whole app bundle into my Applications directory. There was no "installer" like there is on Windows. As a result, I NEVER saw any dialog that asked if I wanted to import my previous config settings.

I have see conflicting messages on this board, some that say 'just drag your config folder to the new install location' and others that say 'the new xml formats are different in 4.0 than from 3.0.5'. Which is correct? I don't want to copy over my config folder if it's going to corrupt my projects or my "installed" version of 4.0.


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