Link existing project with remote Git repo (define remote)


I've just downloaded a non-VCS project I've been working on through PHPStorm's FTP function. I want to define a remote Git server (not Github, but Bitbucket) so I can use VCS, but I can't find anywhere to define the server's details. When I go to VCS > Git > Push it says 'Can't push, because no remotes are defined'. I can't see anywhere to do this in the project's settings or in the VCS menu.

Any help much appreciated!


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Surely this is possible? I want to upload my project to a fresh (empty) Git repo.

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just use normal git workflow - "git init" on local copy, set up remote and push

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I have the same problem as the OP and want to be sure I'm understanding the situation.

I have the Bitbucket plugin installed, and have done "VCS:Import into version control:Share project..." which created a Bitbucket repo for my code (which already existed locally). On Bitbucket's web site, I see the repo.

I went to Preferences:Tasks:Servers and added the server URL.

But when I try to do VCS:Git:Push... I get the "Can't push, because no remotes are defined" message.

Are you saying that the solution is to do git pushes to the server through the terminal? Or is there some way to make it happen through the UI? (Or, perhaps the situation has changed since the message I'm replying to was posted?)



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