Change comment templates


I would know how change my comment template, when I do:
/** and tab

I want to add some lines and align the text with tab.

How can I do it?

Thank you!

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Hi there,

Would be fantastic if you could be a tiny bit more specific:

  1. What language?
  2. What context (class/method/variable/etc)?
  3. What IDE and version?

Generally speaking:

  • Such templates (if customisable) are located at "Settings | File and Code Templates"
  • Available formatting rules (if available and customisable) can be set at "Settings | Code Style" (for PHP it would be "PHP | PHPDoc")
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Hum, sorry.

I want to do it for Javascript.
Class and method, both.

WebStorm 7.0.

I'll take a look to that, thank you.

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I took a look, (I had already found these menus) but nothing useful for me.

In code style => javascript I can only customize tabs, indents, spaces wrapping and braces, blank lines. Nothing about comments auto generated.
In file and code template, I can change the template of a default file but nothing else.

Thank you anyway.

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I can be wrong here, but I do not think that such customisation is currently available for JavaScript (I see them for PHPDoc only).

I'm a PhpStorm user and not WebStorm, but all (the same) JS functionality is available in PhpStorm as well.

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Feel free to submit Feature Request tickets for required functionality directly to the Issue Traker:

But please check for existing tickets first.

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Thanks, I will wait a little before do it in case where someone else has a solution.



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