Blank Compile Messages on OS 10.3.2, Java 1.4.2?

Hi All,
It seems that ever since I have updated my JDK to 1.4.2 on Mac OS 10.3.2, I am having an odd problem with Compile or Build Messages. I can compile, run Ant, or build a project once, and the messages appear fine, indicating errors, warnings, and info properly. If I then try to run any job that has message output, it runs fine, but the messages all apear as blank lines, with a "white page" icon for each line. The correct number of blank lines show up, but just a lack of any useful information.
The only other item I can think of recently changing that could have any effect on the application was I did an archive install of the OS.
I've attached screen shots of what I am seeing.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advanced,

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I've seen similiar visual artifacts in pre-10.3 and pre-1.4.2 situations. At first I thought it might be a aqua/non-aqua L&F thing but that didn't seem to help. At some point they went away but I can't recall what I did or changed to make it stop.


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