New GUI and Stuck UnsupportedClassVersionError

I think I followed the steps in the online docs for generating form using the designer. When I preview I get this runtime exception:

UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/intellij/uiDesigner/core/GridLayoutManager

Also, can someone how I create a new class that is bound to the GUI form?

quick overview:

I have a class that extends JFrame it has a constructor than looks like this:

MainWindow(String title, GraphicsConfiguration gc, JPanel searchPanel);

In some other code, I imagine in need to create a MainWindow object - but where do I get the GraphicsConfiguration from?

If there is any other docs for the UI Builder available, I'd appreciate the pointer.

Thanks much, Spencer

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the gui designer work very good on my machine(p4 2.6G, win2k)

r u using old version of jre/jdk when u preview gui form?when u press the preview button, the preview tool window shows a command line. make sure the jre is jre1.4(at leat jdk 1.4 works for me)


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