Build/Run from CMD?

Hi I'm currently in the misdt of trying to work out an optimal workflow for building a mobile application using Apache Cordova.

Most of the commands I usually use for building and running my mobile applications require I type commands into "cmd.exe".

Such as:

cordova create Example
cd Example
cordova platform add android
cordova build
cordova run android

Is there anyway I can encorperate these commands into WebStorm, In the "Run/Debug Configurations" window I don't see an option under the "Defaults" for just running commands in "cmd.exe".

Any ideas?



Hi there,

Plenty of options (Run/Debug Configurations is not one of them)

1. External Tools -- (Settings | External Tools) -- you can execute any exernal command (exe/batch file/etc) you want. Plenty of macro available (like, currently selected file etc)

2. Command Line Tools -- "Tools | Run Command..." (aliases can be configured at "Settings | Command Line Tool Support").

3. Terminal (available in upcoming v7) -- "Tools | Open Terminal..." (toolwindow should be pinned to the bottom of the screen by default)

#2 or #3 will be the best if you run those commands at random (i.e. one command here now, one command there later).



As Alexey has already said -- points #1, #2 and #3 are applicable to WebStorm as well (just ignore "General" section -- it's PhpStorm specific (you have not mentioned your product in original post))


"Is there anyway I can encorperate these commands into WebStorm" - OP


Yeah -- my mistake. Now I see it, but somehow I failed hard to notice it when replying (twice!) ...


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