Problem displaying UI


Ok...I thought I knew what I was doing. I can see the UI in Preview (basically two scrolling panes with text areas). But they do not show when I run the program. I get no error messages.

I guess that it has to be a "binding" problem but I'm damned if I can see where. I have a very similar app which runs just fine.

I have every component in the UI form (ReportPanel.form) "bound" to a corresponding "field" in the class. The is bound to the ReportPanel.form.

In the main method I create a new Frame, then create a new instance of the ReportPanel and add it to the frame, then pack and show.

The constructor of the ReportPanel adds the top panel (containing the two scrolling panes) to itself (It's the same problem if this is removed).

Net result is that the panels are not displayed when I run the program (I put a title on the top frame and this didn't show either). The ReportPanel constructor is being called.

I'm using release 1151.

Any suggestions as to where or how to start looking?

As a follow up question: Do I need to add the ui components, laid out on the .form(e.g. scrolling panes, text areas,etc.), to the respective containers in the respective java class or this is done automagically? I did try adding them manually but they still didn't display. The other app displayed everything automagically. It's a problem when you can't tell where the real world ends and automagic is supposed to begin.



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