phpstorm and css support

i reallly love to see storm support
a) external browsers capacity ( js , css engine/debugger )
b) server cms technology drupal (  but not joomla ......laravel ? )

Even i read a lot of people who switch from eclipse to phpstorm (best publicity) , i have some basic question about storm IDE and css/javascript .

1) in support page there is nothing about  CSS ! Does storm support specific CSS version ?

2) in support page storm support HTML !  How many html version / doctype Storm tool support (with  code compeltion, check syntax   ...)  ?

3) Could you confirm that Storm support
a For javascript    Firefox after Storm in the bacground / implicitly install a FF plugin
b For javascript   Google Chrome  after developper install manually a  "JetBrain IDE" chrome  plug in
c For css/html    chrome  after install manually "live Edit" plug in  ?

4) Does "Jetbrain IDE" plug in and "Live Edit"  plug in are the same ?

5) is there incompatibilities beetween  the plug in "Jetbrain IDE" and "Live Edit " ?

6) Does all incompatibilities from Chrome have been resolve ?

7) Which chrome  version  resolve all the bug  discover using Jetbrain  plug in  ?

8) for javascript in try to think like css that the best is to use / go to the client browser side to debug test .
Why javascript developper choose phphstorm for debug when some javascript tool already exist for debug in chrome/ firefox ?

9) For write javascript , I don't know a browser that support direct editing  javascript code. why javascript developper choose phpstrom for edit javascript ? Does phpstorm support completion lint check validation optimizer compressor ........ ?

10) does all questions relative to javascript/css/html  must be post in webstorm forum ?

thank's for all feedback

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1. we try to provide support for the most recent css version. However some CSS3 additions are not yet supported - see and related/child tickets

2. HTML 5 is supported by default. However you can choose a different version/doctype in Settings/ Schemas and DTDs/Default HTML language level

3. yes

4. LiveEdit is a PHPStorm plugin that has to be installed from the repository - Settings/Plugins/Browse repositories. JetBrains IDE Support is a Chrome extension available in the Chrome web store. You need both to be able to debug your code in Chrome and use live edit feature

5. JetBrains IDE Support extension is compatible with builds 126.129 and higher. Please make sure to always use the most recent versions of LiveEdit plugin and JetBrains IDE Support  extension compatible with your IDE version

6. not sure I understand what you meant to say. Can you be more specific?

7. what bugs are supposed to be resolved in Chrome?

8. may be, because the IDE has some other features in addition to debugging? Code completion, navigation, syntax/error highlighting, linting, etc.?

9. yes. But optimizer and compressor azren't available out of the box - ytou need to install the corresponding tools and configure them as file watchers/external tools in IDE

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6 and 7 question was relative to live Edit plug in find when browse repositories

Provides live edit HTML/CSS/JavaScript.



Main menu: View -> Live Edit to enable live editing.

Since        version 0.5 LiveEdit works as part of JavaScript debug session only.

Be aware:

Change Notes

Since        version 0.5 LiveEdit works as part of JavaScript debug session only.






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do you mean Chrome bugs mentioned in 'Be aware' section? is still open; can be worked out by running Chrome with --silent-debugger-extension-api option, as you can see from comments


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