Launch of WebLogic in debug mode paused while Setting dialog is open.

I just noticed what I consider to be strange behavior:

I clicked on the Debug toolbar button which launched my WebLogic instance in
debug mode and then quickly clicked on the Settings toolbar button to look
at, but not modify, some configuration items.
While the Settings dialog was open, the Debug Console was not being updated.
I expected this on the GUI, but I assumed that the App Server was still
going along on its merry way in the background.
However, when I closed the Settings dialog, I noticed that the Debug Console
was now proceeding at the pace I would expect if I had just started
debugging, and then a window launched by one of my startup classes appeared
on my desktop. This normally happens within about 30 seconds of launching
WebLogic, but because I was sidetracked with the Settings window open, it
happened over 20 minutes later. I then tried opening my Settings dialog
while testing my Web Module: It stopped responding until I closed the
Settings dialog.
Doesn't the App Server get launched in it's own thread? Why would it be
waiting while the Settings window is being displayed? This doesn't seem to
be implemented correctly to me.



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