Local Project with Multiple Git Repos...


I have a git repo setup for my project, how do I setup a sub-folder to another git repo.  I know I have to add the VCS root in setup but I can't find the option to "enable" the git repo for that folder?

I know it can be done as I read previous comments from other users.

Thanks for any help!

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I do this using Settings > Version Control then add each directory. I pull from GIT first then do this in WebStorm.

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so this is what I did:

1) create sub-folder under project root
2) set this folder to ignore (project root git repo will ignore this directory)
3) select sub-folder in tools window and select:
          VCS --> Import into Version Control --> Create Git Repository
4) It will open up a directory window and confirm the directory were you will create git repo - select sub-folder.
5) It may warn you that the directory is under version control...continue.
5) Go to Settings--> Version Control and add the sub-folder were you created the 2nd git repo (the VCS column will default to GIT)
6)  Confirm additonal git repo by select the sub-folder from tools window and goto VCS-->GIt-->Branches, you should see an additional repo....         


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