set same php dir like phpinfo.php

I have many php.exe ( for IIS / apache easyphp )
I don't succeed to define custom php dir using phptstorm gui !!
" PHP version : Not installed "  stay to status "not installed " even if i set a path  !!
you can find capture screen of my setting below

If i define the php.exe path directory in the OS env beforethe two others PHP path , phpstorm show me 3 items not 2 like in the capture screen but
after select php539x..... PHPstrom don't discover the PHP version install under the directory  that have been set  !!!

My web server work well .
OS windows 8  64 bit intel
java 32bit 1.7.0_25
PHPStorm 131.98
easyphp 5.3.9

thank's for any help


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