GUI Request

Hello, Support

I would like to see a few improvements in the GUI.
If idea exist and I to new to know how sorry...

1) As you drop an item to the form that the Preferred size is auto set to the size you make it on the form so if you drag adjust size it will auto change the Preferred Size Value's.

2) I also like to see a check box in Propertys Lable: Locked Size, Where if the box is checked the min/max size are auto set to the Preferred Size.

3) Seem anoying to expand the propertys then when you click on another item, have to re-expand them again, repeatedly..

I have other ideas but thats a good start..

Dennis Bay

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Ok this post been here a long time and no one relpy

As the question WHY doesn't the Preferred Size auto set when you place any Swing item on your form????

If you make up a form with any items and set each item with mouse(Drag) you shouldn't have to go into and set each of the perferred values to match what you did resizing with drag making the form..
I still feel the Preferred Size should auto set to the size you place on the form while making.


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Well, IMHO they r busy to prepare the final release, and it is too late for us to ask for some improvements.


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