JSLint: Unextpected '0'

I'm using the following code:


dp += (nutArgCoeff[(i * 4) + 0] + nutArgCoeff[(i * 4) + 1] * to10) * Math.sin(ang);
de += (nutArgCoeff[(i * 4) + 2] + nutArgCoeff[(i * 4) + 3] * to10) * Math.cos(ang);


In WebStorm for the first line, LSLint marks the first '0' and reports: JSLint: Unexpected '0'.

Now, I know that technically adding 0 is not necessary; but in this case, it is good for documentation.
How can I disable warnings like this one. The case isn't mentioned in 'Edit JSLint options' (or at least I didn't realized it).

(WebStorm 6.0.2)

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Unfortunately, it looks like it's impossible to disable such warnings.
Actually, it's a limitation of JSLint itself, because it's also impossible to disable these warnings on the http://jslint.com .
WebStorm JSLint integration runs the same JavaScript code as http://jslint.com does. So it has to be fixed on the http://jslint.com in the first place.


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