File cache conflict - intermittent

i have set up file watchers for less. and on every key type im getting this anoying message:

id does not matter if i use internal filewatcher or external.
aswell im constantly getting hundreds (if not thousands) of java compilation errors something like:
Error during dispatching of sun.awt.TimedWindowEvent[WINDOW_GAINED_FOCUS,opposite=com.intellij.openapi.ui.impl.DialogWrapperPeerImpl$MyDialog[dialog10,566,515,787x129,invalid,hidden,layout=java.awt.Border

it has started since version 6.0,
im using windows 8.1
any ideas to ged rid of that stupid message?

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Do you see this error on attempt to edit the generated css file, or on editing original .less as well? Just on typing oe on performing refactoring? Can you attach a screenshot of your file watcher settings?

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Now all filewatchers are gone from settings ?:| just by them selfs, they just disappeared,
some other settings i have to set after every application start too, they are not saved somehow.
But i use manual less compiler and on every less compilation i ge exactly the same error for every file generated.
I'm using windows 8.1 , any ideas how to kill this message??? its just stopping me from using phphStorm
because i work only with less and sass not with css directly


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