Phpstorm 6.0.3 and Node.js Express Code Completion Issue


I have 2 issues to report,  these issues have been reported in StackOverflow and devnet.jetbrains but no conclusive solution was provided.  

Thanks in advance for any help!!!

1) I created a sample Node.js Express/Jade application using the New Project wizard for node.  It looks like the "Express" module does not code complete even though the module is under the content root.  The core node sources are able to code complete. (Node.js Global is also checked off.)


2) When I run the sample node app in debug mode I receive the error message:  "[ReferenceError: process is not defined]"


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I reviewed WEB-6922 and I have Node.js Global checked off for the project.

See also...WEB-6667 Node.js - autocomplete does not work right for local node_modules.

For my second issue,  I use Node.js v0.10.17.


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