PhpStorm freezing when opened after CMS update (stuck on Indexing?)

I updated the CMS on my dev machine and now when I try opening PhpStorm it's totally frozen -- I can't change files, click on menus, nothing.

It's says "Indexing..." on the status bar, but the loading (circle) icon is not turning, the progress bar is not moving, and PhpStorm is not using much of my CPU.

So it appears that PhpStorm is simply stuck (it's been like this for probably an hour, and I've tried killing the proccess in Task Manager and restarting it several times).

What should I do?

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Hi there,

1) You can check logs for possible details: IDEA files locations

2) If you have NOT configured IDE to automatically load last opened project on start up, then see if "File | Invalidate Caches..." will do any difference (you can open another project to access main menu). Alternatively -- delete indexes/caches manually (see the link above). It's quite possible that indexes/caches got corrupted somehow -- manually deleting all such stuff may help here (usually does).

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Thank you for such a quick reply!

I deleted the cache folder and now PhpStorm is working great again!

Thanks again!


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