IDEA on Suse 9.0 KDE 3.1, illegal character: \160 when selecting words with keybord shortcut

I have now started to use Suse, and everything works fine, except for a
little annoying bug.

When I use CTRLShift Left/Right, a character is inserted in my source
code (or whatever file I have open). Disabling the "Move To
Previous/Next Word With Selection" by removing the keymap still produces
the character.

When compiling the compiler says: illegal character: \160

I have only experienced this using IntelliJ IDEA on Suse.

When Installing IDEA I made it use my old windows settings from a
mounted windows partition. I am also using the default encoding from IDEA.

Anyone got a clue?

Hope anyone can help.. This is starting to annoy me.


Olve S. Hansen

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