Lack of ergonomy in ui-designer

I know, not all of you use the ui-designer, but some are, and here is what struck me one night of heavy interface creation:

1. Go to ui-designer and select your form of choice

2.Select a placed component (of your choice), move your mouse to the property pane, single click on a property-line to select it.

Now, here the fun begins. First of all, you have prob. impl. the property list as a table, because of the behaviour of the caret (or outline) leaves the display when moving the cursor to the right, why do I need to place the cursor in the first colum anyway?

When I select a line with the Enter key, the presented value is not surrounded with a selection, the same thing happens when I select a property directly with the mouse, which is beginning to hurt my nerves, I have to constantly double-click to select entries, why are you not supporting us computer keyboardists who excels on the keyboard? Like probably all of you guys, I am not even looking at the keyboard, I just know its there. The situation where the entries are not surrounded with a selection, prohibits me to move fast, it interrupts me. This is bloddy serious.

I think this is an example of a context where a small improvement does not violate any core ui principles but increase the feel-good factor by magnitudes. Because when lesser mental energy is devoted doing quite obvious meaningless ui things, makes me last a bit longer under heavy sessions.

And of course, because I deserve the best - you at IntellJ have "almost" done it.

This is turning into something completely different, but I was just wondering, how do you guys measure your own productivity, is this when you actually develop something or is it when you feel you're having a ball with your creative skills? Is there a felt difference?

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