[SOLVED] LESS watcher to upload only comiled result

How to set in LESS watcher, that I don't need *.less file on server, only compiled *.css file?


Hi there,

LESS File Watcher has NOTHING to do with this.

It should be your deployment settings (Settings | Deployment | Options)


So just restrict those type of files. I see. Thank you.


... or (ONLY IF you keep your .less and .css files in separate folders, like I do) just mark folders with .less files as excluded from deployment (see "Excluded Paths" tab of your deployment entry)


Sure. This could be an option. Thank you. Too bad I didn't mark this thread as question. Could mark as resolved.


Unfortunately you cannot change type of forum thread after it was created.

BUT ... you can alter the Subject field (e.g. add "[SOLVED]" in front or something similar) if you wish.


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