F5 opens up a 'copy' dialog box instead of resuming program

While debugging, pressing F5 should resume program. That's how my keymap is configured to mimic Visual Studio keymap.

Instead it opens up a dialog box 'Copy' to copy the current file.

Why is that ?


Hi there,

Why is that ?

Because you have more than one action assigned the same keyboard shortcut. Double check your keymap (it has an option to search by shortcuts -- a button next to the search field).

Also -- your F5 shortcut for "resume" may work fine while having focus in Debug panel, but another (more appropriate for current context) action will be called (if more than one assigned) when using it from Editor area.

The solution here would be changing (or removing completely, if it is unnecessary for you) shortcut for "copy/save as file" action.


ok, it was indeed assigned to more than one shortcut. The thing is I looked for a way to search by shortcuts and I couldn't find it. You've pointed me to the right solution.

thanks a lot !


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