SoapFault is missing properties in stubs

I have the following code:

try {

    // ...

} catch (SoapFault $s) {

    switch ($s->faultcode) {

The editor says that faultcode doesn't exist in \SoapFault, but it should be. It turns out that it's simply not part of the editor stubs for soap.php.

Version: PS-130.1639
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Hi there,

The faultcode field is not documented in official documentation (where PhpStorm takes data for stubs from):

Other not-documented (but accessible) fields:

faultcode, faultstring, faultactor, detail, headerfault

On one hand it supposed to be fixed long time ago  ( ) but it seems that those changes were lost when stubs were re-generated (most likely).

I guess this is the right ticket for now: -- feel free to watch and comment there

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