WebModule Support: 1071

just installed build 1071 and have no taglibrary support as in 1050 before. Before 1050 i had some support by defining external resources. I didn't define a Web-Root as it didn't helped much. I'm using a application-context.xml and a web.xml which serves as a template for different scenarios. During the deployment an Ant task generates the needed context.xml and web.xml which will be deployed.
What's is now the best approach to have taglibrary support? I don't see a possibility to convert my existing module to a web module.
Is it possible to have a web-module without a project layout which must resemble the deployed application (e.g. i have all my configuration in a /etc directory, my libraries in a /lib and not in ]]>/WEB-INF/lib) ?
I don't care about application support and use remote debugging, also JSP debugging is not important as JSP are only building the view and do not contain any business logic.

I'm looking for the simplest possible approach to have taglibrary support in Web Applications without to much IDEA specific configuration - i would like to have it search the project class path automatically for taglibrary definitions. My taglibrary are mostly defined in a included jsp page to have it centralized and not spread over in all jsp's.
The new online help was much helpful about these topics.

Thanks for any help and clarification

Reto Badertscher

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