remote debugging with AngularJS

I guess my first question is "is it even possible to debug remotely using Tomcat / Chrome / AngularJS"?  I need to use Tomcat for the back-end because its a likely contender for production.

I assumed it was possible, so I started trying.  I found some online instructions and started following them.  First, I recreated a remote debug configuration.  For the URL to open, I entered the same url I normally use to launch my in a browser.

Next, the instructions stated to enter a Remote URL for local files, but I cannot find a way to do that.  There is no obvious input or dialog box for setting such.  The instructions show a Remore URL set for the entire project folder, but do not show how or where you set the URL.

From there, the instructions show setting some breakpoints and commencing debugging, so I am hoping its going to be this easy.

I guess my other questions are how do you set a Remote URL?  What should it be?  What exactly is the difference between it and the URL to open?

Any other insights for remote debugging with AngularJS would be great.  I tried using Chrome's built-in debugger, but I couldn't figure out how to set breakpoints in my AngularJS code.



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Remote URL format is the same as URL to open. Usually it's enough to specify mapping for the project root directory, like:
URL to open: http://localhost:63342/myProject/index.html
Remote URL: http://localhost:63342/myProject

I'm attaching a simple AngularJS sample project - see the 'index' run configuration there


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