How to change the ctrl+space (autocomplete) to cmd+space in mac?

As the topic says, it's quite ergonomic to change the auto complete to cmd+space, since my alfredo is opt+space it's not overlapping functions.

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Hi there,

Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Keymap

Find required action and change key sequence to the required one (e.g. remove current and add new one .. or just add new one if you want to have 2 different sequences).


  1. You can search for required action by it's name .. or by keyboard shortcut (button next to search field)
  2. Ctr+Space by default assigned to "Code | Completion | Basic"
  3. If you cannot change/add new shortcut, then you ust be trying to edit bundled keymap. In such case create ("copy" button) your own and the you will be able to alter it.

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