Deployment still useless because very slow FTP. Mac OS Workaround ?


I give up PHP dev for a while, now i have to get back to it and... What was my surprise to see that PhpStorm deployment is STILL completely useless because of very low overall speed, SFTP in my case. Exactly like it used to be when I left (phpstorm v4 i think). For example, my customer installed 2 extensions on a wordpress website, very bad idea, after that, you will have to wait hours to get local and server in sync :-(

Every file is 3-5 seconds to download from server, and IDE download one file at a time (have a max connections in options? for what, seems that IDE is using only one anyway). So when you change/add many files you are screwed.

Many messages and bugs on slow FTP transfer, some open then closed (???), some bug or feature request, here for 3 years already and... nothing happen.

Examples here :

I give up filling things, is there any workaround on Mountain Lion, phpstorm 6.03, so i can work... other than expecting a miracle for a fix one day may be, or using another software ? I am pretty sure i am not the only one that need syncing many files with remote server over SFTP. How do you do ?



This is awesome .. feedback from 2013 now we got 2016 and still not yet resolved .. wonderful :-( .. there are about 430 issues reported for "#{Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..}" (most of them) concerning this issue.. NONE of them solved.. Is there somebody working on this at all??


Please see - it is fixed in 144.* branch (WebStorm 12, PHPStorm 11)


Hi and yes still slow... :( New features seem more important than fixing existing ones.

I just tested PHPStorm 11 EAP on my Macbook Pro (16GB) and ElCapitan. It seems to work faster with default set Plugins than PHPStorm 10. But the CPU usage (while not indexing) is still going up to several 100% and starts lagging then, even on simple scrolling. I'm not even working with FTP but its just laggy: 

Overall workaround: Install PHPStorm 9 and remove as many Plugin as you can. Yes, its then just a few steps above a standard edtior but thats imho the only way to get rid off the nasty lagging. 

Btw and seen since PHPStorm 9: If you have a longer coding line and you scroll to right the little Browser start popup in the upper right corner will not pop up there. You have to scroll back to left in order to see the window popup again.


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