Site slow to load in browser after debugging

Lately I have experienced an odd situation where a site I'm working on loads excessively slow (minutes per page) after debugging in PhpStorm.  I'm still trying to lock down how and when exactly this happens.  I'm not even sure PhpStorm is causing it, but definitely happens after debugging in Storm.     -    Here’s what seems to happen:  I start a debug session, everything works ok, hits breakpoints, etc.  Then I may start, stop, end and restart debug sessions.  At some point pages just start to take minutes to load, if they do at all.  This happens in the browser I was debugging in only.  The site loads fine in other browsers, and also in that browser on a deferent machine.     -    I have tried clearing caches/cookies, restarting the machine, restarting the server; I even tried uninstalling (total removal) of Firefox and reinstalling.  Other copies of the site on the same server load fine in the same browser.  The issue seems to be tied to the url used to access the site.  I use local TLDs setup through apache and local hosts file, (e.g., site1.dev).  -    This has happened in both IE and Firefox.     -    Has anyone else experienced this?    -      -   Some environment background:   -   Storm ver 6.0.3, is running on Win7.  -   Sites run in a lamp stack on Ubuntu 12.04  -   Apache 2.2.22, PHP 5.3.10, MySQL 5.5.31, xdebug 2.2.3  -   The server and workstations are on same local subnet.    -   I have also attached the output from php info.

Sorry about the formatting of this message, the WYSIWYG editor wasn't working for me.  Message was edited by: Joe Krukosky



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