Ctrl+Shift+A not working


I just noticed that Ctrl+Shift+A is not working in my installation. Other keyboard shortcuts work fine. PhpStorm version is 6.0.2

Following plugins are installed


Please help



Hi there,

1) Double check that you have an action actually mapped to that shortcut

2) Quite possibly you have some another program running that have global hook on such key combo -- try exiting as many programs as possible and/or check your OS settings (in case it allows you to configure system shortcuts)

Link to screenshot is useless -- shows "Access denied" error. Better use actual forum functionality to post images.


I checked keymap and Ctrl+Shift+A is listed for Help->Find Action..

Sorry for the screenshot. I used skitch first time today fro screenshot. I assumed it uploaded it as public.

I think may need to investigate more


I looked through almost all apps to see which one is stealing Ctrl+Shift+A and found that firefox had almost 5 instances of Ctrl+Shift+A mapped to it for different actions. Even after disabling all those key-maps Ctrl+Shift+A didn't work.

Then I came across http://hkcmdr.anymania.com    which revealed that jitsi was using that key-map. after disabling that now phpstorm actions key-map is working fine.

I hope it helps somebody who is having similar issue.


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