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Ok this is for JetBrains, and to hopefuly start a running list of things busted, or not quite right, in web modules. I've filed bugs for most if not all of these:

1- We need to save things 2-3 times before settings are saved. This is especially true with Child Modules.

2- I don't like the name Child Modules. Should be Module Deployment Settings.

3- web.xml location doesn't save. It needs to let me pick the location of my web.xml no matter where it might be on my hard drive, even outside the project root.

4- if web.xml happens to be in the same directory as another java utility module, don't compile and copy it over with the rest of the resouces. For example, if you've looked at my mini how to and the sample project I sent you, you will see web.xml is in the resouces directory. resouces is also a module which is marked as a dependant module of my web app. The resouces module gets copied into either WEB-INF or WEB-INF/classes. If you just copy the whole resouces directory, then web.xml will be overriten in the case of resouces being copied to WEB-INF and exist wrongly in WEB-INF/classes in the other case. You need to make an exception for it, and not copy web.xml if it's in the same dir as a module.

5- I'd like to make some feature requests/ suggestions for web app settings. There are so many that having to go to the ide pane and clicking module everytime is a pain in the butt... VERY time consuming as web modules can often change, they're not always set and go.

a- Please add a list item when right clicking to edit module

b- If we are right clicking on a web module, please add the following items to the popup menu:
- Change Web Module Settings
- Change J2EE Build Settings
- Change Dependencies
- Edit web.xml

I'd like to suggest, for ease of use, that when we chose any of the above 4 choices, that you not popup the whole module window, that you ONLY popup the Deployment Settings for example, trimmed down, to a simple window I can edit my settings in and move on. Essentially that window would be exactly what is in the Web Module tab of the Web App Module, but in a popup window by itself. Hopefuly the code is modal enough that you can do that.

This would allow us to focus in on the task and not be overwhelmed with all the settings.

6- Web Module Tab in Web App Module is confusing. Please call it Deployment Settings

7- Web Module and other Modules which don't contain a source directory, should NOT need Output Path, Test path, or JDK settings.

Of course all is besides the stupid popup exception we constantly get, which prevents us from debugging.

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Adding to this another bug... this one has me seriously concerned.

There seems to be no way to let JSP pages know which web.xml we're
using, hence we can't resolve taglibs properly. Even adding the jar
files as libraries to the jsp module I have in the mini how to doesn't
resolve the problem.

This one's gonna be a sticker if you can't get around it. Hopefuly
someone else will figure out a trick.



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