Is there a shortcut for PHP's -> ?

This may sound dumb since it's only 2 chars, but I find -> a huge pain to type!

I wonder if there is a shortcut?

for example:

Typing $this

In netbeans if I type $this followed by control+space it changes to:
$this-> and has a list of choices under that.

Is there an equivilent shortcut in PhpStorm?


Hi there,

Is there an equivilent shortcut in PhpStorm?


If you want custom shortcut for such key sequence then just record a macro (Edit | Macros) and then assign custom shortcut to it at "Settings | Keymap"

Alternatively (bit more limited scope) you can create a Live Template (Settings | Live Templates) that would transform $t[TAB] (or t[TAB]) into $this->


Thanks Andriy!

  That worked great!

  Probably the shortest macro in the world but it will be so much easier!

  I assigned it to shift space, which I can easily type with just one hand and it has made a difference already!


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