Terrible experiences on OSX ML 10.8.2 w/ EAP7

Hi all,

   I've been using WS6 for a long while and it runs perfectly, never a crash so far. I decided to try out EAP 7 to see what new things are coming but It just stopping and starting with quite a few different java exceptions, the IDE is constantly becoming unresponsive. Have I missed something? Like I need to update OSX or something, I tried updating java but this is touch and go on osx as Apple doesnt keep updates on it much anymore.

I get and Core Exception each startup with:

ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.ide.actions.CopyReferenceAction$MyTransferable: com.intellij.ide.actions.CopyReferenceAction$MyTransferable

Then it all goes to hell from there, some commands work, others do nothing. Commands like save and quick will cause a infini loop and need force quit.

I tried searching as far as I could but I couldnt find anything on this so if anyone has any simular experiences, I'd love to be able to test the new versions as there some cool stuff added!


Great thanks for the link, I'll work through the work around and paste back.


Ok done and now works like a charm, thanks a bucnh for that.

To confirm I followed the above link and then the sub issue posted, using the solution on WebStorm EAP 7.app

(Sub Issue: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-109227)

So the recent osx java update has caused some issues, does this mean we should wait for apple to release a java update again or just remove the option from Info.plist each time we update WS7? I dont know enough about to java to know what the problem actually was but my attempts to update the system java myself proved difficult.

Thanks again!


I'm on WebStorm 130.1167 and having this same issue. None of the listed fixes seems to help. I can't even open up two projects at once.


Weird, I didnt have to do the fix on the newest version so I figured they fixed that issue. Are you getting the same exception with yours? In the newest version mine is dropping/crashing the app everytime I do something Git related, so annoying as this worked in the last version just fine. Oh well this is why its a test version I suppose.

Im tempted to go back to 6 for now, although I like to contribute to testing, I still need to work as well and this just feels like a game of dodge the bug atm.


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