retracing steps in a long file

I have a fiel with 860 lines. Some times I have to go up and down many times in the file is it possible to retrace the steps. I searched the help docs but couldn't fine according to my needs. may be i missed.



Hi there,

to retrace the steps

What do you mean by that? Navigate Back/Forward or something else?



for example
  suppose cursor is at function call and when i do Ctrl+B,  it go to function declaration. Is there a simple way to go back to previous cursor position in same file?

when I use Ctrl+E to go to recent files usually cursor lands at same place where it was before I switched to different file but navigating to recent history of cursor place in same file is not known to me if there is any way to do that.

most of the time I do bookmark if i remember but i wish there is some kind of shortcut to do that


There is no "navigation history" as a list/menu -- only 1 step actions:

Navigate | Back
Navigate | Forward
Navigate | Last Edit Location


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