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Hi there,
is there a way to add new default file watcher templates? I was using GetText to compile po-files to mo-files with a file watcher. Works great.
Next time, when i need this, i dont wanna create this file watcher from beginning again. It would be nice, when phpstorm ask me to add my preconfigured file watcher to the project. Like the other ones does.

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you can't add your custom watcher to default templates. But you can export your watcher and import it to your project using the corresponding actions in Settings/File watchers

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Would be a nice feature addition. Should i create a feature request case for this?
It would be simply great, when i edit a ".po"-file and phpstorm ask me to add a file watcher for this.

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Actually all configured custom file watchers are available in watchers list
displayed on hitting Alt+Insert in Settings/File watchers. But adding custom watchers to File watchers inspections is a separate feature. You are welcome to file a request for it to youtrack


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