Remote debugging in WebLogic 7 - breakpoints get an 'X'

I've setup remote debugging to WL7 within IDEA 3.0.1. I use Ant to build, package and deploy the ear to WL7. The debug process connects to WL7 fine.

I set my breakpoints in servlets and ejbs and as the code is running, the breakpoints get 'x'd out and the code does not stop at them. Why does this happen?

I used to be able to do remote debugging in the past, but it doesn't work when I try it now.

A few things I was thinking about that I'm wondering if they're causing the breakpoints to be ignored:

java version compiling used for ant script?
java version used in idea?
java version used in wl7?
do the wl7 jars need to be added to the classpath in idea?

any help would be greatly appreciated. Setting up logging messages is very tiring and ineffective.

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