Debugging on remote without full source?

Hey All,

I occassionally run into issues with debugging (using xdebug) on a remote server where I don't have on my local machine full access to the remote source. E.g. PhpStorm has no mapping to the source and so asks me to set up the mapping which I cannot do; so I click continue and the remote application then runs without hitting any of my breakpoints.

What I'm wondering is if my breakpoints are not in those initial files that I don't have -- why it cannot still break the remote process when it hits things it does have?

I can actually install the remote sources, but it gets to be a pain for all the boostrapping/random wrapper scripts I have elsewhere, so this is more academic than an actuall problem.

Thoughts? Is there something I'm missing?

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Hi there,

TBH, I'm not 100% clear on your workflow/situation .. so this comment may be way off the target.

Anyway: have a look at "Settings | PHP | Debug | Xdebug"  -- it has few "Force break on first lane..." options. See if unchecking them (first one in particular) will do any better.


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