Tomcat 4.0.6, IDEA 3.0.5 - Recompiles JSP's EVERY server startup


Running and debugging my web apps is very slow since my JSP's are compiled every time I start up my server.

I notice that a temporary folder is created in \system\tomcat_]]>\work\_scratchdir where my compiled jsps are kept. But everytime the server is restarted, this directory is deleted and recreated and all my previously compiled jsps are lost. This results in web apps running/debugging VERY slow especially since you are making frequent changes and testing them.

For example, JBuilder doesnt delete its previously compiled jsps and for the moment I'm developing in IntelliJ and running my web app thru JBuilder! It's crazy! Can some one help me with the correct configuration?

Will really appreciate your help.


Ali Aziz

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