Searching project files with some characters

I use Windows-7 with Turkish language.
I have a function named of "getIds".
When I search with Ctrl+Shift+F "getIds" I find no results.
When I search for "getids" I found the method.

It seems like a Windows problem, but it makes difficult to use phpStorm.
What should I do to fix this?
I checked Control panel regional settings and there exists Turkish keyboard.


The strange thing is,
When I open "Find in path" dialog,
If a tick "Case sensitive" results are found,
if I doesn't select that option no results came.

Usage wouldn't be the reverse?


No idea why it works like that for you. For me that checkbox works fine -- but I have English UK on Windows 7.

I would suggest using "File | Invalidate caches..." in case you have not done it yet (just in case). Other than that -- search Issue Tracker -- maybe it is a known issue (I, personally, do not remember any with such symptoms in PhpStorm tickets -- maybe platfom-wide has some)


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