Missing a nice Project Run feature in WebStorm .


I've been using dreamweaver for HTML-CSS-Javascript projects for years , and now i am enjoying the nice features that provide webStorm .

Actually , there's one major feature that i really miss in WS , and can't found way to get it .

When u open an HTML file in dreamweaver , it lists automatically all the CSS & JS files involved , so u edit them there , once u press F12 it runs the HTML PAge , wich gives a fast & quick way to see ur progressing .

is there a way to reporeduce this feature in WS , or does it exist already ?

Thanks .



Alt+F2 allows openinjg the current HTML page in the selected browser. Is it a feature you are looking for?
WebStorm even supports instant HTML/CSS preview, so you don't need to reload the page in browser after making changes - see http://blog.jetbrains.com/webide/2012/08/liveedit-plugin-features-in-detail/

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Thanks Elena , Indeed , Alt+F2 open the current HTML page , but not the current js or css file .

Lets suppose that u have an INDEX.html page , in where u'r linked to many JS & CSS files . such us : <script src='js/controller.js'></script>

now when you're editing the controller.js , you have to back to index.html , then press Alt+F2 to see the project . and this very annoying when you try to do many quick changes and see the results .

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You can keep your html open in browser and see your changes even without page reloading if LiveEdit is enabled :)
Anyway, you are welcome to file a request for this feature to our issue tracker, http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/WEB

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Not really my business .. but few comments anyway:

  • If you have that html file already opened in a browser .. you can just switch to the browser and F5 instead of opening new tab with html file (since this is what most likely will happen if Alt+F2 (or alike) would work the way you expecting -- depends on browser settings actually).
  • Have you tried LiveEdit plugin? Depending on what you are editing, you will have no need to refresh anything -- it all will be done automatically  (depends on how severe changes are: e.g. code loading on start of the script most likely will not be refreshed this way).

But generally speaking -- Yes, currently IDE has no separate Run/Debug Configuration type that would allow to just execute any URL (there is one for JavaScript .. but it has Debug option only). Would be good if it would allow to use "Run" as well ... or have separate type that just can open any URL in a browser (especially usefull if pretty URLs (URL rewriting) are used).


Thanks for your answers .

Andriy , nice tips , i am already using that tips otherwise i wouldn't use Webstorm even . However , i am a games & plugins programmer, and you have no idea how many pages are opened in my  browsers during my work , and how many time i jump between several numbers of JS/CSS file ... Alt Tab is a sollution , but not good enough as the one that dreamweaver offers .
Anyway, hope that soon , such a feature will be added to this amazing WebStorm .



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