A lot of problems and questions starting with PhpStorm 6.0.3

Hi, I have been playing with Eclipse PDT for PHP development for some years and some friends told me to switch to PhpStorm since it seems to be wonderfull but I have found a lot of problems  while testing it.

- PHP 5.4 with SVN project.
- Windows 7 SP1.
- PhpStorm 6.0.3 Trial, default Theme for all, default Inspect Analysis for all.

A. Error / Inspection Tool Window
In Eclipse we can find a simple Error window which shows the errors it finds in files while we type. This error window is instantly updated and we can see all the errors before launching the debugger.
I cant find this window in PhpStorm. The only window I have found is the Inspection window, which is not updated in real time, and spends a lot of time to analyse the project.

1. How can I have the same functionality than we have in Eclipse, a simple Error window which shows in real time the errors we make in code? I dont want to click in Inspect each time I launch debug for the modified files, I just want a real time error window like in Eclipse where I dont have to worry about clicking there or here.
2. Is it there any option in PhpStorm where I could set it to show a warning message asking me to fix the errors before launching debug mode?
3. If there is no real time Error window, and the only thing we have here is the Inspect window (insanely slow), what is the best basic configuration which should be like the error detection rules that we can find in Eclipse? I just need to see the errors before launching the project to debug.
4. Lastest Inspect analysis window is not automatically saved for the project and I have to run it everytime each time I open the project again...... Also its not updated in real time!!!!

B. Error detection
Im using the default Inspection mode. If I write the following code, I do not see an error in the right line, just an error in the upper or bottom bracket { }:

    oenoidi      //This is an error. This line is not red marked!
    public function dgetDBIndexes()

PhpStorm doesnt shows the error in the line with oenoidi!, just shows an error in the next bracket and doesnt says what line has an error. How its possible?

C. Set Line Numbers to On
When I select Show lines number for my project, the option is not saved when I close PhpStorm!! I have tested exporting the project configuration and saving all but nothing works, I have to set it everytime I open the project again...

D. Change Folders Icon with modified Files

When a File is modified in Eclipse, the parent folders are automatically marked with a small red mark meaning that those folders contains files which have been modified. I havent found any setting in PhpStorm which makes the same. The only similar thing I have found is the Changes window.

E. Folder Icons
1. I have searched everywhere but could not found it. Where can I change the default brown folder icon for all the folder tree at the left?
2. Why Opening/Expanding a Folder in the left Folder tree window doesnt shows another icon for Expanded Folder like in Eclipse?

F. Open Source definition
In Eclipse when I want to dig into the source code to go for the declaration, I need two clicks, 1. Right click and 2. click in Open Declaration.
In PhpStorm I need 3 Clicks:  1. Right Click, 2. Go To, 3. Declaration.
Please add an option to go directly into the source code declaration with 2 simple clicks!

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"Settings->IDE Settings->Editor->Appearance->Show line numbers" should help. But it will enable this for all projects.

Hold STRG + left click, jumps to Declaration. Or when the cursor is on a function or variable, just STRG+B.

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Well .. since nobody from JB have replied ...

Hi there,

First of all -- it's 6.0.3 not 6.3; but this is not important.

A) PhpStorm works differently and it has no separate "errors" window -- all errors/warnings etc are displayed as markers on scrollbar (red for error; yellow for warnings etc -- colors depend on color scheme) plus you can add other notices from 3rd party tools like Code Sniffer or Mess Detector. All such checks are performed live for current file.

Your current workflow (from what I have understood from your description) -- you type a lot of code (with possibly a lot of mistakes) and then you check it for errors. My workflow is different -- I type, I see error and I fix it straight away (or postpone a bit in case I need to create new method; attach new class etc).

1) There is no "live errors" window -- they all displayed on scrollbar
2) There is no such option. Your code could be completely valid; the error/warning may come because of a bug in IDE or missing library/insufficient type hints etc -- this should not prevent you from executing the script.
3) Markers on scrollbar (and big colored square on the top of it -- shows general status)
4) Yes.

B) PhpStorm shows an error for such code .. just in a bit different place. If you think it's bad or completely wrong -- feel free to submit new ticket to the Issue Tracker . For me -- the error place and description is good enough (enough to rather quickly find the problem and fix it), but I do agree that it could be improved.

C) "Settings | Editor | Appearance | Show line numbers" -- remembers perfectly for me. If it does not remember settings between restarts:

  • Is this happening to this setting only ... or any setting ?
  • If all/any --
    • maybe your IDE-wide settings file is somehow corrupted (but I have no idea how it could happen) -- delete C:\Users\USERNAME\.WebIde60 while PhpStorm is closed -- next time IDE will load default settings (but you will have to reconfigure it from scratch)
    • any antivirus/non-stop backup (like Acronis, for example) -- they may interfere (especially Acronis -- have seen it personally in the past)

D) PhpStorm does not use icons for VCS status -- only colors. This functionality is disabled for folders by default -- activate "Settings | Version Control | Show directories with changed descendants"

1) No where. Icons may not look the best on light theme .. but when using dark GUI theme (Darcula) you will see why they are done that way. In any case -- you may restore most of the icons by installing separate unsupported plugin -- http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-92775#comment=27-391191
2) I personally see no problem here -- for me it's clear enough (by looking at [+] or [-] icon) if folder is expanded or collapsed.

F)  Ctrl+Click or Ctrl+B (Navigate | Declaration) -- even faster (one click)

In any case -- you can customize any menu (main menu or context menu) at "Settings | Menus and Toolbars" -- add or remove whatever actions you want.

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Really thank you so much for the answers, however some things still needs some fixes or improvements, with your tips and solutions the final experience is a lot better. The thing that I really miss is the simple real time Error window found in Eclipse. (I know its very basic but works perfectly it really speed ups coding and warns about errors before launching debug mode).
I will submit some improvements and fixes for some of the points. Thank you very much :)


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