Network mounted - question about "file change" notifications


I understand PhpStorm does not officially support network mounted projects. This is more of a general network mounting question.

When I open an old archived network mounted project to grab a copy of some code it will constantly display the "file change dialog" with ".idea/workspace.xml has been changed externally", prompting to reload the project.
Kinda annoying when the file hasn't been changed. Messes with alt+tab quite a bit too.

I was wondering if any linux gurus out there knew of the correct way to mount a network share in order to prevent this type of "file change" notification from appearing?

This also happens in other software (eg: a plain old text editor) when accessing/editing files on the network share, not just phpstorm.

The network share is mounted via cifs, fstab entry is:
//qnap/share /data cifs noauto,user,username=qnap,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0

Both this computer and the QNAP have the same time (set by NTP).

Does anybody know what phpstorm (or other software) looks for when determining if a file has changed externally?


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which version do you use? Please check if these recommendations help.

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Thank you! PhpStorm 6 here, but every previous version was the same from memory.

adding "" to bin/ file seems to have worked for me in PhpStorm 6 so far. I can now alt tab between an old archived network mounted project and a local current project without the constant warnings.

I was also recommended to try adding the "_netdev" and "sync" flags to these mount options as per here: . I will try that if I notice these errors again to see if that helps the problem further.


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Working on a mounted drive is slow.

But there is a sollution and i've written a blog post on it (sorry mac/linux sollution only).

In short, your files will be locally and on the mounted drive. By rsync you will keep the files in sync!

Works like a charm!


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