Ant JUnit task acting funny

Hi. I have an Ant build file for my project in which I am trying to include a task. When I run the task within IDEA I get: c:\dev\projects\irequest\build.xml:55: Test AddRequestTest failed This is the only information I can get out of IDEA, even though "Run in verbose mode" is checked in my build file properties. Is there any way to get a stack trace? I have made sure that the appropriate items are in the Ant classpath. Also, within my task I have used to be sure junit is seeing my classes. I know my JUnit test and my build file work fine because I can successfully run the build file from the command line. Here is a copy of my task, although I don't think the problem lies in this: ]]>
<include name="*/Test*.class"/>

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is driving me crazy.

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